Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

Still Not Too Late For You To Know Who Doctor Who

Nothing special on the Google homepage today. The Whovian around the world are getting ready to celebrate the birthday of sci-fi serial longest in the world: Doctor Who. And mister-mister at the headquarters of its Google did not want to miss for berselebrasi by launching Google Doodle special edition 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

Maybe some more than you wondered why Doctor Who can be that much prominence until Google was willing to make a mini-game in its homepage them. Well here cave compile some fun fact about serial Doctor Who:

- As the caves mentioned above, this is a sci-fi series longest in history, at the age of 50 years and 250s episode (if here the 250 episodes of the soap opera just one season tuh).
- The Doctor has been played by 12 different actors and dozens companion (friend adventure) has been with him in this long lag time. By writing a reliable, replacement actor is absorbed into the story elements that The Doctor can regenerate and have different physical and personality. Fans actually even happy, doctor-doctor could have a different favorite.
- Originally serialized with a market share of children to learn history, Doctor Who is now enjoyed by three generations alias three offspring.
- Udeh through various modes courtesy of its television broadcasting BBC, from black-and-white, color, from standard definition until high definition.
- As evidence, Doctor Who references can be found in various places, from Rugrats cartoons, variety shows such as Saturday Night Live, talk shows such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien, comedy like The Big Bang Theory, medical drama House, MD, said " Dalek "(one of his archenemy Doctor) already entered into the Oxford dictionary, even emerging as one of the best magazine cover (which at that time themed election conditions in the UK).

For you lovers of sci-fi required to really watch this series. Sebelom Star Wars and Star Trek, sebelom Marvel Cinematic Universe, sebelom The Dark Knight Trilogy, this one is is the pioneer.

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